The art of interior design is like painting a picture, or composing a song, or creating a sculpture; it’s the act of evoking an emotion in the people who encounter the art piece.
— Victoria Gerts
Every space should be meaningful and unique to the people who use it; that’s what I live to create for my clients. I couldn’t imagine my life without interior design.
— Victoria Gerts

Victoria’s subtle yet glamorous design style

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Victoria has worked at some of the nation’s top interior design firms. Her design concepts and materials focus on maximum usability and minimal environmental impact — with absolutely no compromise on elegance or style.

Victoria’s unique travel experiences — growing up in Central Asia, then traveling Europe, the Middle East and South Asia before arriving in the US — inspire her creative eye. The world’s different cultures, music, art, architecture and natural forms all feed in to her designs, offering clients a design difference they can feel, as well as see.

A love for all things interior design; from small tweaks to total refurbs

Whether you’re looking to totally transform your space, or just find a new color palette to uplift your mood, Victoria can guide and assist in any design project.  No matter the size of the project, Victoria takes her clients on a journey into their own hearts as much as the space around them.

Victoria views interior design as an art form, just like composing a song. Each hidden corner, every splash of light, piece of furniture, texture and material; these are all the keys to your piano. Use the wrong combination of notes and all you have is noise. When combined properly, however, and you have a beautiful melody.

This is precisely what Victoria guides each and every client to: a space that sings to the soul. And not just any soul. Yours.

She understands that personal space should be unique to each individual. By working closely with her clients, Victoria helps them create interiors which appeal to their personalities, whilst also being functional and fit for purpose, with trends that stand the test of time.

If you’d like to partner with Victoria on any interior design project, get in touch today.