Photo by  Alex Lucaci Photography

Photo by Alex Lucaci Photography

Do you have an old outdated piece of furniture that doesn’t match the style of your newly renovated space?! Don’t rush to discard it!  Today, I would like to show you how we gave a new look to an old, tired dresser. 

The dresser was stained a dark mahogany, which didn’t suit the new fresh, bright color palette of the bedroom.  In addition, the hardware was boring and unattractive. (Please see the “before” image.) 

I had a vision for this piece and truly wanted to rescue it from its current tired state.  We painted the body of the dresser a light, cool grey tone and the drawers in a soft off-white, referencing the new palette in our eclectic master bedroom. (Please check out the “after” image.)

Adding whimsical porcelain knobs from Anthropologie Home, the dresser has become a statement piece! The clover design on the knobs is repeated multiple times in this space. 

Rhythm and repetition is one of the key principles of design and an effective tool.   You can read more about it here:

If you would like to see the process of our dresser makeover, please click on the link below.

Alex Lucaci