Every space, every line and curve, each piece of furniture and the various textures of materials used are all like the keys of a piano. The wrong combination is just noise; however, when combined properly, the beautiful melody you hear is indeed the actual sound of ‘trends that stand the test of time.’
— Victoria Gerts

Victoria Gerts Interiors stands for excellence, in each and every home

Victoria Gerts Interiors is a boutique design firm, specializing in residential projects.

Our mission is to help every homemaker be proud of the place they call home, and to put our clients’ needs first, every time. 

We will work collaboratively with you, until you’re entirely happy with the outcome. Even a small redesign may take several months, and a large project may require a few years. But you can rest assured, no matter how long your interior design project takes, we will be with you every step of the way.

And, if you partner with Victoria Gerts Interiors, you know you’re getting top-end interior design expertise and access to the highest quality products for the home. We know that each person’s home is entirely unique, so we can also design and manufacture bespoke furniture solutions, suited to your needs.

Let’s work together to transform your space, and make it feel more like ‘you’.

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Our Services

Victoria Gerts Interiors offers start-to-end interior design support, from initial consultation all the way through to finishing touches. Wherever you’re at in your interior design journey, we can support you to bring your space to life.

Our services include:

  • Design consultations

  • Interior Space planning

  • Fixtures and furnishings selection

  • Custom millwork and furniture

  • Kitchen and bathroom design

  • Styling and staging

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What to expect when you partner with Victoria Gerts Interiors 

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We embrace each project, big or small, with the same approach – that’s how we maintain a level of excellence, for every client.

Our four-step approach is:

  1. Research

  2. Conceptual design

  3. Design development

  4. Project management and implementation


Homes are a reflection of the people who live in them. That’s why we need to spend time getting to know our clients – who you are, what you like and dislike, what’s important to you in life, what your goals and ambitions are.

Only by spending time connecting with our clients, in their homes, are we able to fully understand your motives – the wants and needs which can be both obvious, and also hidden below the surface.

In this research phase we also discuss practicalities, such as your timeframe and budget. We will also undertake a comprehensive survey of the space.

Pulling all this insight together, we can collaborate on preliminary co-creation sessions to explore ideas, and style preferences; ending with a shared vision for the project and a readiness to progress into conceptual design.

Conceptual design

In this phase, ideas start flying and a big picture of the project starts to take shape.

We’ll use ideas and visions discussed in the research phase and translate them into 2D sketches and drawings, 3D renderings, physical materials and finishes.

After all, you can’t get a sense of how suitable something is until you’ve got something tactile in your hands.

Through our conceptual design and prototyping, we address the functional or practical aspects of a project, whilst also pushing for the ultimate in esthetic beauty.

If, for any reason, parts of the design concept aren’t working for you at this stage, we can revisit and redesign. Ultimately, the project doesn’t move on until you are happy.

Victoria Gerts Interiors only takes multi-layered, well-thought-out interior design visions through to design development.

Design development

Now it’s time to polish the details.

You can leave us to bring all the elements of your project together – space planning, selecting furnishings, wallpaper and paint colors, etc. – and unveil them to you as a cohesive final design presentation.

At this stage, you’ll see each and every component of your design project, all tied back to your scope and budget, using lifelike design boards.

This enables you to really get a sense of what the space will be like, and how it will feel living there.

Then, if you’re ready to go, we move into the final stage…

Project management and implementation

When we’ve received your final approval on the design, we will dedicate ourselves to selecting the finest quality goods and placing orders to meet your needs.

Victoria Gerts Interiors has access to a wide supply of top-of-the-range furniture, lighting and home accessories, which we source on behalf of our clients – this means you can sit back and know your home is in trustworthy hands.

We also have a network of experienced contractors and trade contacts, who we will bring in with your permission. Our service includes regular site visits and quality assessment of the work being done – we’ll supervise and coordinate the team, helping you with cost management.

If you’ve ordered any bespoke or custom fittings or furnishings, we’ll build it now.

Our energy and commitment leads to the most impressive interior design transformations. The result? A space that’s fit for your needs, and which you’ll never want to leave.

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