Everything Color Orange!


I personally love every season of the year because every season is so different here in the New York area. Chilly winters - many times white with snow, and always joyful with winter holidays festivities. Windy and rainy springs with blossoming plants and flowers scents. Lively summers with lots of humidity, yet also longer daylight times, which always makes me happy!

And now it’s time for pumpkin pies, spooky costumes and masks, and everything in the color ORANGE. It’s autumn! It is a very beautiful, fairly warm and enjoyable season in New York. We associate it with two lovely holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It’s time for dressing up in costumes, cooking gourmet meals that are specific to this time of year, and decorating tabletops, interiors, and exteriors with objects and colors that “speak” autumn to us.

I love decorating with live flowers and plants because they are beautiful and colorful, as well as naturally biodegradable and inexpensive. There is an abundance of beautiful cut and potted flowers which you can find in fall. Some of them are chrysanthemums, fall mums, celosia, and others.


Add differently-sized pumpkins and gourds to your tabletop or entryway décor. Look at these gourds on the image below. What I’ve noticed is a color combo of orange and bluish-green, which is interesting and very much eye-pleasing.


Let’s look at the color wheel (below). Orange/red-orange colors are directly opposite of blue-green colors. What does that mean? This means that they are complementary colors. Therefore, these two colors are harmonious - in combination, they enhance each other’s qualities. And this is exactly what attracts us and evokes pleasant feelings and emotions. Nature has already kindly created harmony and balance for us.

Color Wheel

This year, we decided to carve pumpkins for the first time ever. What do you think? Not bad for the first time, right? Haha… Another interesting discovery was the fact that when I’ve lit candles inside of carved pumpkins, after a few minutes the room was filled with the warm and sweet aroma of a baked pumpkin.

Happy Halloween.PNG

Happy Fall!

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