REcycle, REpurpose, REuse...!!!

Interior - Victoria Gerts Interiors | Photography by Alex Lucaci

Interior - Victoria Gerts Interiors | Photography by Alex Lucaci

Do you have an old outdated piece of furniture that doesn’t match the style of your newly renovated space?! Don’t rush to discard it!  Today, I would like to show you how we gave a new look to an old, tired dresser. 

The dresser was stained a dark mahogany, which didn’t suit the new fresh, bright color palette of the bedroom.  In addition, the hardware was boring and unattractive. (Please see the “before” image.) 

I had a vision for this piece and truly wanted to rescue it from its current tired state.  We painted the body of the dresser a light, cool grey tone and the drawers in a soft off-white, referencing the new palette in our eclectic master bedroom. (Please check out the “after” image.)

Adding whimsical porcelain knobs from Anthropologie Home, the dresser has become a statement piece! The clover design on the knobs is repeated multiple times in this space. 

Copy of 20170719_164727.jpg

Rhythm and repetition is one of the key principles of design and an effective tool.   You can read more about it here:

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