When people discover I’m an interior designer they often ask me for some “QUICK” advice on a “SMALL” project they’re working on. Usually the question is preceded by a brief introduction to the project. It goes something like - “you know Victoria… I decided to combine the living room with the den, but now I’m left with a giant blank wall. How would you fill it?” or “Victoria, we purchased a new apartment last week. The living area is a decent size but not as big as we’d hoped for. It’s 12 feet wide by 16 feet long. What size rug should I buy?”

Eventually the conversation leads to the true questions on their minds. They want to know how to create a space that introduces the latest trends yet can stand the test of time. A space that appeals to everyone yet is distinctly different from all. A space that will appeal to all the members of the home while exhibiting an abundance of its own personality.

Of course, I can easily tell them how to introduce trends via small accents, or how to use layering to combine opposing styles but it would be a mistake.

You see, the art of interior design is like painting a picture, or composing a song, or creating a sculpture; it’s the act of evoking an emotion in the people who encounter the art piece. Every space, every line and curve, each piece of furniture and the various textures of materials used are all like the keys of a piano. The wrong combination is just noise; however, when combined properly, the beautiful melody you hear is indeed the actual sound of “trends that stand the test of time”.

And so, my answer is always quite simple. There are no rules or tricks or a simple word of advice to give. You must stare at the wall till it hits you in the head. Sit on the floor till you sink into it. And decide; what is it that you want to “feel” deep inside when you walk in the room. And only then will your questions be answered.

Victoria Gerts

After graduating and armed with a bachelor’s of art in interior design from Fashion Institute of Technology, Victoria worked for some of the top interior design firms as she honed her skills and expertise. Her design concepts and materials focus on maximum usability with minimal environmental impact.

Today she guides and assists her clients in all aspects of design projects. From simply decorating and choosing a color palette to complete gut renovations and re-designed layouts, Victoria has proven to be a valuable asset no matter what the size of the project. Most importantly, her many satisfied clients don’t just see the difference, they can “feel” the difference.